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Knowing the unbelievable amount of spam and questionable agencies circulating online, it can be challenging to find the right SEO company for you. After all, SEO is a long-term investment and even has the power to make or break your online presence, so you have to do your due diligence prior to making any key decisions. Below are five critical issues to be considered when using SEO services:

Reasonable Offers

If they make offers that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Find a company that is realistic when giving you a picture of the results. SEO is an ongoing process, and it ridiculous for any agency to make guarantees or promises, considering that search algorithms change every now and then. If they do make such promises, be alarmed.

Industry Experience

Before taking any SEO agency seriously, it’s good to know how many years they’ve been in the business. If anything, the total amount of time they’ve spent in SEO and the range of client types they have worked with, reveal their level of experience.

Case Studies

Good SEO agencies should not only have a pile of case studies prepared for your review but should be more than willing to show them to you. The case studies should emphasize their work and provide specific examples of their performance, allowing you to assess their expertise and skill. In other words, case studies reflect your future with a certain agency based on their past performance.

Standard Certifications

Although there is no such thing as an ‘SEO certification’ per se, there are standard certifications that a lot of legit companies have for Analytics and PPC. Search engine biggies like Google and Yahoo have their own PPC certifications as well, and if agencies have these certifications, it means they have proven their expertise in these search engines’ ad platforms.

Black Hat SEO

Finally, ask your prospective agency to explain thoroughly their strategies while sticking to layman’s terms instead of confusing you with jargon. If they use strategies that seem deceptive or unethical in any way, be careful. With black hat techniques, your site could get banned by search engines!Your website could end up banned from search engines if your SEO agency uses black hat techniques. Good agencies will answer your questions without any fuss and give you all the details you need to know about their strategy.

Without a doubt, SEO is a daunting subject for people who are not so familiar with it, and that is why you should at least have some fundamental knowledge and be wise before hiring an agency. If possible, list down at least two or three companies so you can make comparisons and make a more educated choice in the end.

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