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Strategies for marketing Your Brick and Mortar Business

Congratulations to owners who have managed to maintain a physical business location. Retail stores, offices, factories, and specialty boutiques are closing daily in huge numbers. This trend will continue to get worse as the convenience and lower pricing of internet shopping gives way to the traditional shopping experience and manufacturing companies leave for other countries. Now is the time to develop aggressive strategies for marketing your brick and mortar business.

The Goal

Getting people into the doors is just the beginning. The goal for survival must include ways to attract new customers, keeping loyal customers happy, and creating the best customer experience possible. There is nothing that cannot be found and purchased online these days, so why should customers or clients enter the location, stay there to discover everything you have to offer, and keep returning?

Customer Service

Customers or clients like to know their patronage is appreciated. Excellent customer service is the most cost-effective way to illustrate how valued they are to the business. Do not wait until there is a problem and fix it promptly. Be proactive with everyone who enters. Great them, ask if there is anything they need to find, or find out how to make their experience a pleasant and stress-free one.

If a mother of four is struggling with one child in the aisle, talk to the other three to keep them occupied. Suggest a shorter checkout line to someone who appears to be in a rush. Get that person who just walked into the lobby looking haggard from the heat a drink of water. It does not take much time or effort to make people feel appreciated.

Provide a Relaxing and Pleasant Environment

Clearly label offices, sections, and services to direct people where they will find the help or items needed. Incorporate scent into the atmosphere. A fine mist of a stimulating, relaxing, or upbeat fragrance will encourage people to stay longer, increase revenues from impulse buying, and help employees maintain a positive attitude. The diffusers and a variety of scents are easy to order and cost-effective to operate. Stay open and draw people into the location by giving them a few minutes break from their hectic schedules.