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CellTrak Software: EVV Support

Meet state mandates for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

We are committed to providing agencies with reliable, precise, and user-friendly tools to comply with government-mandated EVV requirements. Our GPS-enabled solution delivers key compliance and efficiency benefits, including: 

  • Accurately capturing time-in and time-out data
  • Reducing missed and late visits
  • Cost-effective management of overall care delivery
  • Readily available data for wage and hour audits

Support for Mandated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Advocating “open standards” for EVV

We are an advocate of open standards for EVV. With this approach, governments and payers receive the verification data they want while allowing providers the freedom to choose the EVV software that best meets their needs.

However, some regulatory bodies, payers, and funders have adopted closed standards. In these cases, providers must use a specified vendor’s EVV product for some or all of the provider's business. CellTrak can still help these providers have access to the real-time care delivery information they need.

Interfacing with mandated EVV vendors

Just as CellTrak interfaces with leading EMRs to allow providers to access and share up-to-date client information, schedules, and point-of-care documentation, CellTrak can also interface with a mandated EVV vendor. This ensures every agency is able to supply information in the format their state or payer requires, while also continuing to take advantage of the tremendous CellTrak functionality to improve health outcomes and deliver care more efficiently.

Our support of mandated EVV minimizes the provider's need to develop and maintain multiple interfaces to meet mandates. This may be most valuable to:

  • Organizations that operate in many states
  • Organizations with a client base whose care is paid for from multiple government programs or private companies
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